Since I released the wrapper, I have been asked several questions because of problems that might occur with the wrapper. Here I want to handle the most frequent ones.
If your problem isn't listed here, you can reach me at two internet-forums.
One is in the thread: [Spiel] Glide-Wrapper für Diablo2
, at in the thread: High framerates in 3D mode!.
and at in ther glidewrapper-section.

I added 2 more issues, one concerning Vista.

1. If I use the wrapper with Diablo2, the framerate drops down significantly (to somewhere around 1 fps), and possibly in wrong colors, too.
The wrapper uses OpenGL and that's why it is necassary, that the computer has correctly working OpenGL-drivers. There are multiple possibilities why the wrapper isn't able to work correct together with the driver.
Solutions I have found so far:
- reinstall the gaphics-drivers
- if you have more than one monitor attached: deactivate the secondary ones in the display-properties.

For older graphic-cards it's possible that there are no OpenGL-drivers at all. In this case, there helps only a complete exchange of the card.

2. the wrapper runs, D2 has a correct image, but the framerate is exact the same as before.

in general the wrapper has a problem: from the point of view of the whole system (the complete computer), the wrapper is only additional load. To increase the framerate instead of decrease it, the wrapper tries to distribute the load more to the graphic-card. But if the graphic-card is the reason, why the framerate is low (a 3GHz-system with a Riva128 for example), then it's not surprising, if the framerate with the wrapper is lower than without it. possible solutions:
- find out, what is the slowest part of the computer, and change it with a better one: an 3GHz processor and a GF5900 are useless if there are only 64MB main-memory, for example.
- install newer/other drive. There are several components (like the graphiccard) for which there are more than one driver, and the newest isn't ever the best...
- background-applications can reduce the performance,too. Viruses, worms and trojans, too, of course.
- if the game runs in window-mode via "-w"-parameter, make sure that the "-3dfx" parameter is included in the shortcut: otherwise D2 uses neither Glide nor Direct3D.

3. I am playing in single-player and the framerate won't go over 25fps!

That's normal in single-player: the framerate is capped at 25fps. If you want to play your local heros at higher framerates, you have to host a multiplayer-game (it's equal if open bnet or tcp/ip).

4. I'm playing in multi-player-mode, but with the wrapper the framerate won't go over 60fps!

It seems that the monitor is set to a refreshrate of 60Hz. It might be, that the monitor is not able to work with higher refresh-rates (like TFT-displays), or it is the "60Hz-bug" of Win2K/XP.
Some display-drivers have tools to avoid this problem, or you might choose in the wrapper-frontend, what refresh-rate to use. But this depends on the hardware and drivers.

5. The framerate is higher than 60fps, but it stays at (f.e.) 90fps. But other people have a even higher framerate with worse hardware (f.e. 200fps).

In general, the display driver caps the framerate at the monitor-refresh-rate. That's quite normal: why to render 200 frames per second, when only 90 of them can be displayed? (110 of them are totally wasted) Beside of posing, this provides the possibility to see, how much additional load the computer can handle, before it becomes choppy.
This framerate cap is called "vertical synchronization" and can be de-/activated via the display-properties.

6. sometimes the display is dimmed.

The wrapper had no chance to set the gamma-ramp.
solutions I have found so far:
- reset gamma or contrast in the game
- try to find out, if a background-application sometimes tries to access the display and disable it.
- reinstall the display drivers
- take a look, if the display drivers support some kind of brightness-control
- if supportet by the opengl-driver: activate shader-gamma in the front-end

7. I have installed some mods for the game, does the wrapper work with them, too?

I have programmed the wrapper for the original version of the game, 'cause I don't have the time to test it with every single mod. That's one thing you have to do by yourself. But as far as I can see, I can say:
the wrapper should work with EVERY mod, or with other words: the mods should work with the wrapper as good as without it.

I have only tested the wrapper in combination with the chaos-empire-mod and the snej-mod, and there I haven't seen any incompabilities. There were no complains from "official" side,too.
I have tested the "d2-accelerator", too (and I haven't seen any faults,too). But I have heard of problems with the mod itself.

8. I have installed the wrapper, runs well, but can I boost it even more?

In general,if the wrapper is running with the standard-settings, you can improve the performance with the "texture memory" parameter.
What setting is best depends on the hardware. I think the following guidelines seem to be quite well:
on graphic-cards that support 8-bit-textures (f.e. all Geforces and Radeon since 8500):
texture memory= real video-memory / 4 * 3
on any other graphic card:
texture memory= real video-memory / 8 * 3

9. I'm playing with the wrapper in windowed mode and everytime I open the inventory, the mouse jumps to the wrong place.

The problem is based on the fact, that the game itself wasn't started with Window-capability. Make sure that in the link you used to start the game, the parameters "-w" AND "-3dfx" are included.
"c:\games\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -w -3dfx

10. Vista:
If I start the wrapper, only a black screen/window appears and in the upper left corner of the screen some characters are shown one by another.

Please make first sure, if the Aero-Glass theme is activated. If it is so, please first try to deactivate it.
In the start-link of Diablo2 you can set, that at game-start the Aero-Glass theme will be deactivated automatically. And at ending the program automatically activated again:
in the properties of the D2-start-link go to compatibility, set there the mark at 'Disable desktop compositing'. general, but seems to appear only on newer graphic-cards:
with the wrapper, the image will be shown only in pieces/not at all, but videos might run.

Please first try to deactivate all extensions in the wrapper-config menu.
But there are many reports that it was already successfull, to disable GL_EXT_vertex_array alone.

Last actualisation: 5.17.2018